Ragdale Scrapbook


Ragdale Scrapbook


Items in the Ragdale Scrapbook Collection

Letter Sylvia Shaw sent her mother from China
Howard Van Doren Shaw and Sylvia traveled to China in 1917. Frances stayed home to take care of then three-year-old FTS (Bill) [Frances Theodora Shaw]. In the letter, Sylvia discussed the marriage proposal she received in China and the reasons did…

House-keeping Helps
Course of action listed, reminders - noted, and division of chores - delegated. Undated. On the back, the document reads "Housekeeping, mother FWS [Frances Wells Shaw) to SSJ [Sarah Shaw Judson). Wherein leaving her in charge of Ragdale after her…

Hand written poem whose first line reads "Miss Isabella Arabella Clarabella Sweet"
Recitation learned by Sarah Shaw as a child, written in Sylvia's handwriting

Original program for "The Heir of Manville Grange "
A Peripatetic Play in Four Acts and Six Scenes

Audiences and the Open Air
Thirteen pages, typed.

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