Biography of Mark Spitzer


Biography of Mark Spitzer


Mark Spitzer


Short biography of Mark Spitzer, attending author at The New Nature Writing, Lake Forest College's 2012 Literary Festival.


Mark Spitzer





Minneapolis, Minnesota


Novelist, Poet, Essayist, Literary Translator, Professor of Writing at University of Central Arkansas & Editor of Toad Suck Review

Biographical Text

Mark Spitzer, novelist, poet, essayist and literary translator, grew up in Minneapolis where he earned his Bachelor's degree at the University of Minnesota in 1990. He then moved to the Rockies, where he earned his Master's in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado. After living on the road for some time, he found himself in Paris, as Writer in Residence for three years at the bohemian bookstore Shakespeare and Company, where he translated French criminals and misanthropes. In 1997 he moved to Louisiana, became Assistant Editor of Andrei Codrescu's legendary lit journal Exquisite Corpse, and earned an MFA from Louisiana State University. After teaching Creative Writing and Lit for five years at Truman State University, he’s now a professor of Writing at the University of Central Arkansas, where he is the Editor of Toad Suck Review ( Spitzer is also a gar-nut.


Sick in the Head (S A M Publishing) 2011
Toad Suck Review #2 (Department of Writing, University of Central Arkansas) 2012
Proze Attack (Six Gallery Press) 2011
Surreal Killer by Roy Trask (Shakespeare & Company, Toad Suck) 2011
After the Orange Glow (Monkey Puzzle Press) 2010
Toad Suck Review #1 (Department of Writing, University of Central Arkansas) 2011
Writer in Residence:  Memoir of a Literary Translater (Univ Of New Orleans Press) 2010
The Genet Translations: Poetry and Posthumous Plays by Jean Genet (Polemic Press) 2010
Season of the Gar: Adventures in Pursuit of America's Most Misunderstood Fish (University of Arkansas Press) 2010
Exquisite Corpse Annual #2 (Culture Shock) 2010
CHODE!(Zoland Books) 2010
Exquisite Corpse Annual #1 (Culture Shock) 2009
Age of the Demon Tools (Ahadada Books) 2008
Riding the Unit: Selected Nonfiction 1994-2004 (Six Gallery Press) 2007
Films without Images:  Three Radio Plays by Biaise Cendrars (Green Integer) 2011
The Pigs Drink From Infinity: Poems 1995-2001 (Spuyten Duyvil) 2006
Divine Filth: Lost Writings by Georges Bataille (Creation Books (TC)) 2004
The Church: A Comedy in Five Acts by Louis-Ferdinand Céline (Green Integer) 2003
From Absinthe to Abyssinia Selected Miscellaneous, Obscure and Previously Untranslated Works of Jean-Nicolas-Arthur Rimbaud (Creative Arts Book Company) 2002
Chum (Zoland Books) 2001
Bottom Feeder (Creative Arts Book Company) 1999
The Collected Poems of Georges Bataille  (Dufour Editions) 1998


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