Yeast in Dr. D's lab

When one thinks of yeast, bread and dinner rolls come to mind.  But yeast can be used to study diseases as well!  Dr. DebBurman uses yeast in his lab to study Parkinson’s Disease and has published many interesting findings that have contributed to the understanding of the neuropathology of this disease.


His main area of research is alpha-synuclein, the protien that is accumulating in the brain of Parkinson patients.  There are many factors that cause this accumulation, and yeast is a great model to study those factors.  Yeast are simple organisms that are unicellular.  Although they do not have a nervous system, their cellular basis is very similar to humans.  Many other famous researchers are studying diseases in yeast, and many treatments have come out of this research! It is interesting to realize that a simple ingredient many of us eat everyday can make such astounding changes in people's lives. 


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