Soda Pop!: "Mineral Waters"

Group of Boys and Girls Sitting at Table with Coke Bottles

"Group of Boys and Girls Sitting at Table with Coke Bottles"

The Lake Forest College Forester, 1953, Vol.55, 98

The Lake Forest College Archives

In 1806, a Yale chemistry professor named Benjamin Silliman began infusing mineral water with carbon dioxide; three years later he owned numerous soda parlors across New Haven and New York City. People couldn’t get enough of the refreshingly bubbly beverage. Although these early “carbonated mineral waters” were strictly therapeutic, by 1820 makers began adding flavored syrups to the waters. And so, the soda industry was born. Soda Fountains began popping up across the U.S, selling sodas flavored with the likes of allspice, cayenne pepper, champagne, maple, pistachio, and white rose. Until the Coca-Cola boom in 1920, ginger ale was the most popular flavor.

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Soda Pop!
Soda Pop!: "Mineral Waters"