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Monument of Lincoln-Douglas Debate at West Chicago.pdf
This was an article published in the February 1930 publication of the L.S.A.C. Discus. It was written by Alice E. Casey, a librarian.

This program for an April 19, 1920 library benefit concert for the Chicago branch of the Alliance Francaise, a French-sponsored cultural outreach agency, gives a history of the group here and also lists members, officers, and benefit patronesses,…

This is a black and white photographic print of the Abbott Common Room in Deerpath hall taken in November of 2000. There are basic couches, chairs, tables and in the back windows Durand Hall can be seen.

This is a back and white photographic print of the Abbott Common Room in Deerpath Hall taken in November of 2000. There are circle tables with chairs and the cafe is open. The windows face west or into North Campus and toward Lois Durand Hall.



Anthony, Cornelia, on J. W. Evans Bookplates.pdf
This essay on the Brooklyn-born (March 27, 1855) master wood engraver and bookplate designer John W. Evans, written by Cornelia Eames Neltnor Anthony of West Chicago, IL, may have appeared in the 1936 Yearbook of the Washington, DC-based American…

Crear, Everett Carleton.JPG
This is a bookplate for Everett Carlton Crear. It was engraved by Charles K. Ha and designed by Frank D. Anthony. It is part of the Asmann-Anthony collection.

Manning clients list-2011 owners 6-13-12.pdf
This is a working list relating to efCorts led by the Library of American Landscape History (LALH), Amherst, to document the design work of Warren Manning, Brookline, MA, based landscape archtiect, 1890s-1930s. A letter in the College archives from…

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