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You can’t beat fresh! Advocating for a movement towards fresh farming, Michael Ableman came to Lake Forest College on April 21, 2011 and discussed his books and various projects to create a more green earth.

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A picture taken in 2006 of a commuter’s lunch, made by her wonderful mom. Commuters eat in all places of campus imaginable. With its vast area, the basement a great place to study quietly between classes and a great place to eat!

Yum! On Friday, November 16, 2012, the faculty at Lake Forest College showed A Beautiful Mind, where snacks and drinks were provided to encourage socialization. Popcorn was made to capture the theater environment while people learned about a…

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Myer Auditorium hosted many events in the past, many of which incorporate science and socializing, with food! On Thursday, November 15, 2012, students from Lake Forest College presented their posters while attendees enjoyed coffee and desserts.

When one thinks of yeast, bread and dinner rolls come to mind. But yeast can be used to study diseases as well! Dr. DebBurman uses yeast in his lab to study Parkinson’s Disease and has published many interesting findings that have…

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From early Renaissance paintings to the 21st century collections exhibited at Lake Forest’s Sonnenschein gallery, food has played a regular role as both a subject and a medium.

Lauren Brescia exhibited this installation piece, "Parlour,"…

This student enjoys some good old college food while taking a student break in Harlan Hall.

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