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Patterson, Joseph Medill.jpg
This portrait of Joseph Medill Patterson, 1879-1946, shows the "Chicago Tribune" fortune scion in the early period of his launching the "New York Daily News" for the Tribune Company, a tabloid paper soon to become the highest circulation newspaper in…

The Fourth Estate.pdf
This is a copy of a 1909 four-act play "The Fourth Estate" in manuscript with autograph notes and changes in more than one hand, copied from the original in the the Joseph Medill Patterson papers, Lake Forest College library Special Collections. The…

Rogers-Locom.-26-D.T. & F.-W.-26.jpg
This image is from a glass plate copy negative taken by John Reid, photographer, Paterson New Jersey (as written on the image copied on this plate), and modified by him to remove the background above the tracks from the image. This is a 19th c.…

Carpenter, Caroli Whitney.JPG
This is a bookplate for Caroli Whitney Carpenter, designed by F. Batchelor A. It is part of the Asmann-Anthony collection.

Black Rap, December 5, 1978.pdf
This is a six-page tabloid issue, with a subtitle but no masthead or listing of staff, though responsibility continues to be attributed to A.S.A.L., the campus black student organization. Topics continue to center on political topics in Africa and…

University of California.JPG
This is a bookplate for the University of California (from the James K. Moffitt Fund), designed by A.W.R. It is a part of the Asmann-Anthony collection.

The ramp, for disabled access on the left, leads to the side door of Blackstone Hall. Also shown in this November 1982 image are the iron gates into North Campus in between both Blackstone and Harlan Halls, and a side entry into Harlan Hall's…

University of Arkansas004.jpg
A bookplate designed for the University of Arkansas-Fayettville. The artist is Leta Adler.

Black Rap, vol 8, no 9, October 21, 1975.pdf

Black Rap, volume 9 number 10, February, 1976.pdf
4 pp., tabloid
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