The Sheridan Road and the Beautiful North Shore. Chicago: Chicago & North-Western Railway Co., 1902.  Printed by Poole Bros., Chicago.


The Sheridan Road and the Beautiful North Shore. Chicago: Chicago & North-Western Railway Co., 1902.  Printed by Poole Bros., Chicago.


Chicago--North Shore



This has been digitized from a photocopy made from microfilm of a brochure, owned by Katherine T. Arpee, Lake Forest, IL, in the 1980s. The photocopied document is made up of 47 pp., including a rear cover (no front one) and at the back a map of the territory between Chicago and Racine, WI; this appears to be a folding map at the rear in parts, also with one overall view.

The structures on the five pages of photographic views of Lake Forest are identified in this listing, below.  


1. Title-page.

2. Table of distances from Chicago and between stations, Chicago to Waukegan.

3-4. Essay

5.Map, section 1. Kinzie St. station to Clybourn Junction

6. "Sheridan Road, Chicago:" three photographic scenes, a mansion and two street scapes.

7. "Evanston." Four photogarphic views, Northwestern U. bldgs.

8. "Evanston." Three photographic views, mansions.

9. Map, Section 2. Showing the C & NW route from Deering stop, Fullerton, to Summerdale, at Foster.

10. "Evanston." Four photographic views, three Northwestern U. bldgs. and one mansion.

11. "Wllmette." Two views, a school and the train station.

12.         "       Three views, a street scape and two mansions. 13. Map, Section 3. C & NW showing Rose Hill, High Ridge, Rogers Park, and Calvary stops.

14. "Kenilworth." Two views, the train stations and a street scape.

15. "Kenilworth." Two views, New Trier Twnsp. High School and an Arts & Crafts house.

16. "Winnetka." Three views, a water tower, a mansion, and a winding street scape.

17. Map, Section 4. Showing the Main Street, Evanston (Davis Street) and Central Street Evanston stations.

18. "Lakeside." Two views, mansions.

19. "Glencoe." Three picturesque views--a high bluff at the lake, and two roadway views showing the irregular terrain north of Winnetka.

20. "Glencoe." Three views, two mansions (?) and the station.

21. Map, Section 5. Wilmette to Lakeside (now Hubbard Woods) station.

22. "Ravinia." Three views, one roadway view and two mansions.

23. "Highland Park." Four views, mansions.

24. "Highland Park." Three views, one shoreline, the train station, and the Moraine Hotel.

25. Map, Section 6. Glencoe north to Roger Williams Ave., Highland Park.

26. "Highland Park and Fort Sheridan." three views, including one mansion ("Miralago," George P. Everhart), one ravine view with the Fort Sheridan tower in the distance, and another roadway view.

27. "Fort Sheridan." Four views, a street scape, the tower and central block, the train station and one other structure.

28. "Lake Forest." Three views of mansions, "Pembroke Lodge," David B. Jones; "Walden," Cyrus McCormick II; and "Lost Rock," William Henry Smith.  

29. Map, Section 7. C & NW from Ravinia north beyond Highwood.  

30. "Lake Forest." Three views, "Fairlawn" pond, C. B. Farwell (?), "Ardleigh," J. V. FArwell, Jr., and F. C. Farwell.  

31.  "Lake Forest."  Two views, Walden bridge and "Eastover," C. S. Frost or "Westover," Hiram McCullough, C & NW passenger dept. head.  

32. "Lake Forest." Four views, Reid Hall, Lake Forest Academy; Onwentsia club house, Henry C. Durand Art Institute and Reid Library, Lake Forest College.  

33. Map, Section 8. Fort Sheridan to Lake Forest stops.  

34. "Lake Forest." Three views, Train station, First Presbyterian Church (with original south exposure), and Ferry Hall main bldg.

35. Map, Section 9. Through Lake Forest, Lake Bluff stop, and north.  

36.  "Lake Bluff."  A rural street scape and two houses, one the later 20th c. Uri B. Grannis, Jr. place (demol., Sunrise Pl.) and an  Arts & Crafts cottage.  

37.  Map, Section 10.  North Chicago and Waukegan.  

38.  C & NW advertisement for fast distance trains.  

39. Route map from Chicago to Duluth and Minneapolis; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Astoria, and Spokane.

40. [Final page of text] Rendering of the "400" train, and lower right, "Poole Bros., Chicago."  

42-45.  Folded map of area from Chicago to Racine, WI, at full scale, in sections.

46. Reduced view of full map. 

47.  Rear cover.  


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