The word Hex was initially used to describe any spell within witchcraft, however over time it has evolved. A hex, in modern terms, is similar to a curse. It is using your practice to place some form of harm onto another person. The common misconceptions about this is what that means exactly. Some practices forbid any form of hexing, but many individually practicing witches use them frequently. Often, people imagine this to be wishing physical harm on someone, which it can be. However, more frequently it is asking that they always have a hard time finding their keys, or that they hit all the red lights on their drive. Hexing can be a vast, dark practice, but more frequently it is used to cause minor inconveniences. Hexing makes many nervous because of the rule of 3. The idea behind this rule is that whatever you send out to the universe or another person, will return to you threefold. This rule is mostly brought up in cases of dark magic due to the implications of that, however the rule of 3 is not broadly accepted as necessary.




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