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Moss agate is a crystal all about new beginnings and fresh starts. It is said to bring emotional growth and stability as well as big changes. It is a less common crystal, but one of my personal favorites.

Blue and purple stones are often associated with the third eye chakra. This means that they are often used to help with meditation, divination, and past life recall. Lapis Lazuli in particular is also associated with power and healing.

Obsidian is one of the most common crystals used for protection. It is often associated with physical protection, however it can also be used in scrying and digging into internal issues.

While amethyst is most commonly used peace and happiness, color associations still apply. This means that amethyst is also used for things like intuition, dreams, and other things associated with the third eye.

Sage is one of the most recognizable items in witchcraft, however it is also quite controversial. White sage is what is used in smudging, which is a closed practice as it comes directly from indigenous spiritual practice. While walking around burning…

White represents spirituality, peace, higher self, and purity. Delicate things in nature, such as snow, clouds, and flowers, are a large reason as to why white is a pure and tranquil color.

Black signifies banishing negativity, protection, power, and the end of a cycle. In nature, black is most often associated with the darkness of nighttime. This darkness comes at the end of the day, before the new day which is why black is often used…

Brown represents home, protection, animals, stability, and family. These associations come from nature. Brown is the color of roots, tree trunks, fur, and many other aspects of historical life that created homes and comfort.

Historically, purple has been the color of royalty, aristocracy, and the imperial color of Ancient Rome. More recently, it has been associated with bravery and the Purple Heart award. Within magic, purple represents magic, psychic abilities,…

Blue represents communication, trust, truth, and calm. In nature, it is present in the sky, water, berries, etc. It is often used in rituals involving revealing truths, unblocking a disconnect in a relationship, or even relaxation.
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