Dubin (Arthur D.) train photos, groups I and II, finding aid


Dubin (Arthur D.) train photos, groups I and II, finding aid


Dubin, Arthur D. (Arthur Detmers)

Railroad trains

Railroad passenger cars


This finding aid, in the form of an Excel (Microsoft) spreadsheet, is a guide to information about 5,500 photographs (prints, slides) on train topics (group I) and railroad lines (group II), about half of Dubin's photographs in this repository.  For more information on Dubin, his work, and his collection, see: https://www.lakeforest.edu/library/archives/railroad/ and https://www.lakeforest.edu/library/archives/railroad/ArthurDubin.php

This does guide not lead to online images, at this time, in most cases.  Some (423 in early 2012) are loaded onto railroadheritage.org (search by Dubin numbers, but expect to get more than you asked for, and then pick): http://www.railroadheritage.org/index.php?P=AdvancedSearch&Q=Y&FK=dubin&RP=5&SR=0&ST=Quick.  But with these numbers, we can provide scans from the original photography. 

Some of these images were employed by Dubin in his books and articles.  This is only one repsoitory though of Dubin images, and others from his books and articles may be located at the Smithsonian, the Calfornia Railroad Museum, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and the Indiana Historical Society Library (for the latter, http://www.indianahistory.org/our-collections/collection-guides/arthur-d-dubin-railroad-collection-ca-1847-1999.pdf ).  We also have another perhaps 3,000 images of the type Arthur Dubin used in his works, including ones from Latin America, Europe, Pullman competitors and acquisitions, etc., that are not yet listed, but may be accessible here.  

Another similar number or more slides relate to Dubin's own rail, etc. travels globally, 1960s-1990s.   






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“Dubin (Arthur D.) train photos, groups I and II, finding aid,” Digital Collections - Lake Forest College, accessed May 29, 2024, https://collections.lakeforest.edu/items/show/3971.

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