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A student enjoys a snack will taking a student break to hang out with friends in Harlan.

Students enjoy a meal at the caf back in 2002.


Check out the caf in 1975.

WAA-WSGA Banquet.png
Students hang out at the coffee shop in Hixon during 1953 fall registration.

1953 WAA-WSGA banquet

Did you know that Hixon was not always a theater? It used to be a dining hall, snack bar, and coffee shop that students would hang out at! It was this way from 1948-1962.

Quick Fact: Did you know that during prohibition people drove wagons around campus selling alcohol and other illegal substances to students?

There was a food committee at LFC until the 2000's, which brings up the question: why isn't there one now? Back then students had a place to go with comments or complaints. They not only covered the quality of the food, but other topics such as…
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