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Being a waiter used to be a campus job at LFC. Before 1945, the best looking boys from sports teams were chosen to bring food to the girls in Lois Hall. But throughout 1945-1950 there were both male and female waiters.

The coffee house opened in 1945 where the mailroom is today. Around this time, Starbucks was a popular place to be and the coffee house tried to imitate that atmosphere. This was a small, intimate space that also feature live music performances, as…

Justine's Interview.mp4
Delilah Vazquez '08 recalls how the opening of Boomers changed her commuting experience.

The food rebellion of 1967 as it appeared in the yearbook.

Islamic food inventions
Robin Doak, author of Empire of the Islamic World explores interesting Islamic food inventions that were thought to be from European sources but might be from Arab conquests of Europe, such as pasta and sugar cane.

Alcohol or liquor, known as khamrin Arabic, was a type of alcoholic drink in pre-Islamic and early Islamic days. Through this website, viewers will find out why was alcohol still drank by some Muslims even after the Quranic verses stating alcohol as…

This website explores the famous foods such as harisa,which is a popular meat dish in today's Muslim world but was also popular in the medieval Arab world. This site also looks at other foods which present Muslims can connect to and were also liked…

Nollen Café was recently built in the twentieth century along with a game room.

Nollen Café has been a common place for students to hang out for over a decade.

The Lantern has been a popular restaurant for LFC students for nearly half a century.
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