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The Cookery of Medieval Muslims -QR Code
Different paintings of Muslims during the Islamic empires eating and/or cooking foods, including Sultans of Delhi, India during the Malwa Sultanate in 1392–1562.

A student eating outside

Cafeteria workers preparing food.

A bored student in the cafeteria.

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a cafeteria worker putting food out

The cookbooks range from Mesopotamian times to medieval Muslim empires to a current Syrian cookbook, taking viewers back to the dining tables of pre-Islamic peoples to today's society in Damascus, Syria.

In this video, I am cooking a dish calledsambusak, which is popularly known in today's Muslim world assamosa.It is an appetizer pastry dish with either a meat and chicken filling; in the medieval Muslim world, it also consisted of various nuts such…

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Tara Veihweg presented her work about the connection between food and science

The bridge between Johnson A & B was built in 1962 with all windows to serve partly as a greenhouse for the biology department.

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Lake Forest annual global fest
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